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Fundació Ferran Angulo | Clinical Unit

Clinical Unit

This unit has two areas:

A. Prevention and the promotion of mental health: its objective is to disseminate advances made in the field of development psychology, ranging from care for people with psychopathological disorders through courses, chats, workshops, etc., intended for families and professionals involved in the field of education, social services, leisure services, etc. with a view to promoting the healthy development of children, families and adults in general.

B. Healthcare clinic: it performs the function of diagnosis, therapeutic guidance and the psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment of mental health disorders in childhood, adolescence and adulthood (variations in normality, reactive disorders, depression, anxiety, phobias, personality and psychic disorders, etc.). The unit is coordinated by Dr. A. Sáez, Doctor and Psychotherapist.

  • Diagnostic and Psychotherapy Unit.
    • Psychopathological and developmental diagnosis (intelligence, personality, social and emotional skills, etc.) and therapeutic orientation.
    • Individual and family and outpatient treatment of psychopathological disorders in children, adolescents and adults. + INFO 
  • Psychosis Psychotherapeutic Treatment UnitOutpatient diagnosis and treatment in joint therapy of adolescents and adults with psychotic disorders and of their families. + INFO 
  • Care to developmental disorders in children aged 0 to 5 years and their families.
    • Cognitive development, eating disorders, behavioural disorders, psychosocial development disorder, parenting difficulties. + INFO 
  • Perinatal Psychology Unit
    • Care to psychological malaise and psychological disorders in parents and infants related to medical difficulties during pregnancy, birth and post-partum
    • Guidance to parents in bringing up and parenting infants with medical difficulties: premature children, congenital diseases
    • Post-partum depression care for women, emotional stress in men beginning parenting, perinatal grief
  • Psychodrama UnitOrganisation of psychodrama sessions for the treatment of several psychopathological disorders in children, adolescents and adults.+ INFO


  • Video Intervention UnitApplication of video intervention techniques in prevention projects and in individual, couple, family or group treatments with regard to relationship difficulties, at all ages.+ INFO